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Darnell Saitou

Darnell Saitou is one of the protagonists of Flowerfall. She is 15 years old. Her SOUL represents the trait of AGILITY (An individual who can act quickly in situations of life, even taking the time to think about their actions is considered positively as an agile person.) - this trait is a pretty rare mutation of the PERSISTENCE SOUL (this mutation occurs at a 16% chance if the parents have two different souls of WILLPOWER and INTELLIGENCE, with the condition if there is minimum 1 owner of the DETERMINATION trait in the family.), and giving the owner of the SOUL the trait to think and act fast and effective.

Early years

Since she was born, Darnell and her parents were travelers. They were a family of mages, one of the five known (The Saitous, the Ratrees, the Grinwalds, the Harters and the Moonwaves.). They got kicked out of the wizard community for helping humans and showing them magic. Soon after, they were allowed to live with humans only under the conditions they'd never use magic again. But her father was determined to have his daughter trained enough, because he believed she is going to be the one who will save the Heart, so he trained her deep in the forest, aoart from all the humans who could see it, even though her mother dissaproved it. Since her mother was a witch who specialised on healing, and her father was a warrior, she became both pretty intelligent and athletic, though she cannot use weapons such as swords, katanas, guns too. As one of the only owners of the AGILITY soul trait, she has two known special powers she can use, with the help of counless trainings with her father. She learnt how to control her SOUL in order to move fast, jump high, and sometimes if she concentrates, even walk on walls. Her first known ability is SOUL controlling. This only goes with souls which are mutated from two different souls. As stated before, she can control her soul, and her magic in order to be stronger. She also has partial tellekinesis, almost able to control some objects with her mind but being still too young and unexpierienced to do that. Her second ability is Power Blasts/Beams. If she concentrates herself enough, she can create strong lasers/ power spheres from her hands which explode. But this tehnique takes really a lot of power from her, so she can't use it often and create really powerful blasts, but one blast with her laser is enough to kill a 7-LV creature. But all of these are weakened, because the Heart is almost dead.


Darnell is a really optimistic person, though she can be quiet sometimes. When it's really needed to be serious, she is serious, but in most of the time she is taking everything not that serious. She can analyse any situation, and see the right way out of it. She thinks before she does, or speaks, and agility is a really rare trait, especially among humans. If she sees someone upset, she asks what is the matter, hugs them, and tells them different reasons why everything will be alright.


~ Darnell Saitou literally means "hidden worship to Wisteria".

~ Darnell has scoptophobia - fear of being stared at.

~ Her soul colour is burgundy.

~ TBA ~