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Before the break of the Barrier Curse

` Once upon a time, two races ruled over Earth. Humans and Monsters. Monsters posessed magic, and Humans posessed talents. The talents varied from basic, just as singing, drawing, to something unbelievable, as talking to animals, or controlling weather.There also were humans, who posessed magic. They were called "mages", or "wizards". They made sure peace dominated the two races, and that relation was stable. Humans had souls with different positive traits, every of them having their own colour, when monsters only had the LOVE soul, which provided them magic. All of the magic had a source: a powerful vessel called "The Wizard's Heart". It was a crystal heart, which was kept in a chest, inside a cave in the The Twisted Forest, near the Barrier Mountains (not the mountains near the Barrier; these were the mountains which separated the end of the Valley of the Hearts and The Twisted Forest). It was a big place which you needed to cross in order to get to the Wizard's Heart). The Heart was the source for all the Human's talents and Monster's magic, with the exception of wizards, because they were the ones who created the Heart (the monsters couldn't fully control their magic without the heart, and after it was created, the monsters became dependent on its life). The two races lived in peace for centuries, and didn't have reasons to fight.

Both humans and monsters were happy living together, as there was no HATE between them. There never were separate traditions, as monsters and humans were equal to each other.

But, at one point, things changed.

The first human with the HATE soul was born. Nobody understood why that human tried hurting others in multiple ways. Even the wizards didn't understand the matter. But that was actually the endless HATE the human's soul was in. They hated everyone. Their family, friends, but they hated monsters the most. When they grew up, they started a riot, in which manipulated other humans in hating monsters. As the humans were too naive, their souls filled up with HATE. A lot of wars started, leading to monsters fleeing underground. A young wizard, from the Ratree family made a big mistake. Their family always were scared of monsters. Florencio Ratree. That was the name of the youth who stabbed The Heart, causing every soul to start shattering, and the magic to be weakened. After he did that, a curse fell on all of the remaining humans. "So shall you never know about magic or use your talents, shall you never live in peace, hating everyone who are near you, starting wars. Shall you never remember magic once existed." - These were the words said by the Dark Mage, Oswald Grinwald, after his speech, he hid the Heart in unknown location, leaving only a blank map. Oswald put a curse on humans, and then the Wizards created the Barrier Curse, which protected monsters from death because of the damage done to the Heart. Humans forgot about magic, wizards and monsters remaining children's stories for them. The place where Florencio Ratree last standed is cursed until now, and if you stand there in the midnight you might hear the scream of his when his soul was torn apart. Everyone, who ever heard it, remained deaf, and soon died in unknown circumstances.

The wizards, desperate to find a new place to stay, believing there is a place called "Wisteria", which is meant for all wizards in despair, went to find it. Before that, a wizard family, who still contacted with humans and showed them magic, were left behind, telling them "Wisteria isn't ment for traitors." Eventually, no trace of them remained after they went for Wisteria.

It has been 14 years, and The Heart has weakened even more.

Legends say, that the curse can only be broken by a wizard, a monster and a human, who would reunite to complete the obstacles which await everyone trying to find the Heart.

Flowers don't talk. But that day they told us this story, for us to write it here. Maybe, someone will hear us, and find a way to reunite the two races. `